Plan Your Summer Escape to a Favorite Family Vacation Spot

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Who ever said there ain't no cure for the summertime blues? With the kids out of school and the weather warming up, families have plenty of options when it comes to planning a memorable Summer. Sure, you could visit a beach or amusement park, but we've rounded up the most family-friendly options when it comes to music festivals, lighthouses, cruises, and more to ensure moms, dads, and kids of all ages can enjoy their trip. Check out our picks!

  • Hotels For the Whole Family: Traveling with kids can be a challenge, so why not make the destination less of one by staying at an absolutely amazing, family-friendly hotel? With over-the-top swimming pools, a candy man who wheels his sweet wares right to your room, electrified luxe tents, and more, Mom and Dad can have some fun, too.
  • Cruise Your Way Through Vacation: Cruising can be the ultimate luxury for vacationing families. With your restaurants and activities just a few steps from your room, everything is at your fingertips. But all cruises are not created equal when it comes to family travel. See what considerations families should keep in mind before booking their own trips.
  • Theme Parks For the Whole Family: Hitting up an amusement park with kids in tow might not be the most low-stress form of travel, but these 10 parks earned high marks from us for their diversity, family-friendliness, cleanliness, and ability to accommodate the needs of you and your kiddos.
  • The Best Beaches For Families: A staple of Summer for most every family, a beach vacation is the perfect time for parents and kids alike to kick back, enjoy the outdoors, and relax. We've rounded up the country's top beaches for families - ones where there's more to do than just build sand castles and dig giant holes!

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  • Aquariums the Whole Family Will Enjoy: While the lil ones are sure to take some new knowledge away from most every aquarium in the country, some offer sightings of amazing animals that you won't see anywhere else, while others give kids the opportunity to have once-in-a-lifetime adventures. These aquariums guarantee a good time for everyone in your group.
  • Not-to-Miss Lighthouses: Lighthouses attract both adults and kids alike, so a visit to one could be a highlight of your lil one's Summer break. Though not intended for the littlest of travelers (many have height and age requirements), we've selected five of the most family-friendly lighthouses to add to your Summer bucket list this year.
  • Rock Out at a Summer Music Festival: OK, your days of three-day music festivals, crowd surfing, and afterparties are probably over, but that doesn't mean you can't jam - with your little ones! We found five concert series and festivals on both coasts and in between that are totally kid-friendly.
  • Get Cultured at a National Park: If your ideal Summer travel plans involve breaking free from the lines, gift shops, and gimmicks of many tourist destinations, then a trip to one of the country's 58 national parks may be just what the doctor ordered. The fresh air, natural beauty, and opportunity for adventure are what draw many families to visit the parks, and from coast to coast, there's truly something for everyone.
  • The Best Children's Museums in the Country: Don't let your kiddos fall victim to the dreaded "brain drain" this Summer. Remind them how much fun learning can be, even when school is out of session, by incorporating a visit to one of the country's best children's museums into your Summer agenda.

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