The Power Puff Girls Get a Barbie Makeover. Latisse much?

The new, girlier Power Puff Girls.The Power Puff Girls are back and they've had some work done. The cartoon superheros made famous over a decade ago for turning animated crime-fighting into a girl's game, will return to Cartoon Network for a special  airing later this year. 

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup will be bringing back the sugar and spice, but there's also a new ingredient in their Chemical X potion: Mascara. We noticed the doe-eyed crime-fighters got a Barbie makeover for their return to the small screen. They're now sporting longer eyelashes and salon-style haircuts. Gone are the tomboy heroines we loved a decade ago. Now they look more like the spawn of Smurfette and a Bratz doll.

What was so wrong with the make-up free animation from the original show? Yahoo! Shine reached out to Cartoon Network for comment about the PPG's new look, but didn't receive a response.

The original Power Puff Girls.While the three actresses who voiced the original girls are returning for the special, there's another new addition to Townsville.
According to Cartoon Network, Ringo Starr has written a new original theme song called "I Wish I Was a Power Puff Girl" for the series. (We know you do, Ringo.) He will also appear as the voice of Townsville's local mathematician, Fibonacci Sequins.

One thing that hasn't changed: our favorite Power Puff Girl, Buttercup, despite the makeover, still bears the same grouchy frown as ever. Though maybe she just doesn't like her new haircut.