Practical, unsexy clothes for toddler girls (they like to play too, you know)

Last month I posted about one dad's dilemma to find practical clothes for his toddler daughter. His quest only turned up only dainty, fitted clothes that seemed designed for little girls who preferred sitting on the bench than running around whooping it oup on the playground. I thought I'd pull together a cute, practical outfit for toddler girls who like to play. Only when I checked out the online sites that I usually shop at for my boys (Target, Old Navy), I was hard pressed to find anything useful. The shorts were super short. The pants, skinny-legged. The skirts, tight-looking.

So I went to the other sites I like for kids clothes -- Hanna Anderson and Gymboree -- but usually stop short of purchasing anything because it's sometimes pricey. But guess what? I found cute, practical outfits for toddler girls. And on sale.

This Lettuce Edge Sailor Tee is adorable and loose, a must for the playground or sandbox. I picked the tan and lavendar striped version because it can get a little messy without notice. And it's not pink. It's on sale for US$12.

These Tropical Garden cargo pants (US$19) from Gymboree look roomy and durable enough for a girl who likes to climb around a play structure and have a little fun chasing her friends around. I love the little embellishments on the side pocket -- not super dainty yet cute and bright.

Okay, I may lose you on this one but I love these Fisherman Sandals by Hanna Anderson. They make my ovaries ache just a little bit since I don't have a daughter (but not enough to really want another kid). The silver/pink combination is super fun but the shoe design? So, so practical. Also on sale for US$20.

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