Pregnancy pact at one high school leads to 17 soon-to-be teen moms

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesYou'd almost expect this to be a movie.

Time magazine is reporting that 17 girls, all students at Gloucester High School in Massachusetts, are pregnant -- the result of a pregnancy pact to have and raise their babies together. All the pregnant teens are 16 and younger.

Gloucester High School has historically been supportive of teen moms and according the Time story, "Strollers mingle seamlessly in school hallways among cheerleaders and junior ROTC." There's even a free, on-site daycare for the babies of students.

But when an unusual number of girls started going to the school's clinic to find out if they were pregnant and red flags were raised (an estimated 150 tests were administered). When some girls found out they were pregnant, they gave high fives to each other. Others were bummed out when test results were negative.

The school investigated and learned of this pregnancy pact among the girls. They also discovered that one teen's baby was "fathered" by 24-year-old homeless dude. And now, school administrators are talking about giving out contraception to students without parental consent.

The economic downturn has hit the city of Gloucester quite hard and the story points to lack of direction for kids as being one root of the problem. One girl (not part of the pact) was quoted as saying that the girls got pregnant because "No one's offered them a better option."

Really? If they're not learning about life options in high school, then perhaps school officials need to look far, far beyond school contraception as means to prevent pregnancies. Because in this case, it clearly wouldn't have done a darn thing.

The whole sordid story is so outrageous and sad. I also wonder who knew of the pact, didn't participate, but didn't say a word? So many questions.

Read the full time story here.

Have you heard of pregnancy pacts in your kid's school?