Pregnant Teen? 5 Tips for Telling Your Parents

If you're a teenager who just found out she's pregnant, you've got some really tough decisions to make and difficult conversations to have - like the one with your parents.

But don't fret; you can do this.

According to PsychCentral, the process of telling your parents might be so difficult and stressful that parents are often not told "until it becomes too obvious to hide the pregnancy anymore."

That's not what you want to do, ladies.

Take a deep breath, and then take some of these tips on how to best break the news to your mom and dad.

1. Don't Wait
According to psychotherapist Drew Coster, teens shouldn't wait in telling their parents. He says, "The longer you put off telling them, the harder it will become for all of you. Remember, the clock is ticking and pregnancy doesn't stop because you're scared."

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2. Tell Someone Else First
Telling your parents you're unexpectedly pregnant at a young age isn't an easy task. It might help to confide in someone else first. Doing so will give you practice in "breaking the news," and it will also ensure you don't go through this alone.

3. Plan a Time
You're nervous and scared - and that's understandable. You may even be feeling pressure to just "get it over with" by quickly and abruptly telling your parents. But this isn't something you want to just blurt out - not when you're rushing out or angry. Plan a time to tell your parents when you know you will all actually have time.

4. Let Them Be Mad

Let's face it: Your parents aren't likely to jump for joy at the news. They might be disappointed and even angry. PsychCentral advises to "allow them their feelings" and to not "take it personally" if they say things in the heat of the moment.

5. Do What is Right for You

You might get pressure from all angles about what you should do about your pregnancy, but remember that you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with. Reach out to an objective third party, like a school counselor. Think carefully and fully about what is right and best for you. After all, "you will have to live with all your choices and consequences for the rest of your life."

Be sure to check out the full list of tips at PsychCentral!

-By Aela Mass

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