Pregnant woman goes into labor, finishes bar exam, has baby, rules world

So you think propping yourself on a hospital bed or spooned by your partner or midwife and pushing out a human being was miracle enough? Mehhh.

You could have taken a major professional qualifying exam like a woman in Illinois last week.

A pregnant Northwestern law school student reportedly went into active labor while taking the bar exam. Aware that she might begin laboring, she asked proctors before the test if she would be allowed early if it happened. She was right, but powered through, finished the exam and left early -- to go across the street to the hospital and deliver her son only two hours later.

According to sources, the new mother was a "top-ranked" student in Northwestern's Advanced J.D. track that enables select participants to complete the program in two years, one full year less than traditional programs. She also served in the school's Supreme Court clinic and on the law review board, oversaw the Chicago Bar's Young Lawyers Section. Oh, and she passed the bar. referred to her as a rock star and noted, "She has not one but two federal judicial clerkships lined up, one circuit court and one district court, both with excellent judges."

Clearly, this lady is an all-around A-student, not just in lawyerly stuff but also in getting this labor thing done. I'm guessing she already has a baby carrier that matches her flouncy graduation robe already pressed and ready to go.

I give her a big gold star for raising the (sorry for this) bar on being a working mama. I also feel like maybe I owe all of motherhood and my field some extra credit work.

Did you do anything other than flip off someone in the delivery room and listen to Sarah McLachlan while you were in labor? NO PRESSURE at all if you didn't. But if you completed a triathlon or put together a Power Point preso or strutted the catwalk with the other Victoria's Secret angels, we totaly need to hear the details.

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