Press Play: Little dude has Britney Spears moves

Remember the banter about young girls playing copycat to former pop princess Britney Spears? Her first hit, "Baby One More Time," appears to be quite popular for little girls to sing in front of a video camera...sometimes with their entire pre-kindergarten class (I'm still a little confused on how a teacher could think that was an appropriate song for a performance by bunch of four- and five-year olds. Then again, my two-year-old son loves a song called, "Who Killed Rock n' Roll."

But check out this little dude who set up a video camera in his room, does a little sing and dance number to "Baby, One More Time," and gets caught in the act by his mama. Pay close attention to his facial expressions and my favorite move, when he smacks his rump sing, "Hit me, baby, one more time!" Definitely one to include in your next trip to the dance floor.