You Should Probably Put that Out, Mary-Kate Olsen..

Exclusive - Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy Out To Dinner With His Daughter

Yes, that is Mary-Kate Olsen with her new boyfriend, Olivier Sarkozy, and his daughter. Yes, his daughter appears to be taller than MK (ha!) and yes, her beau is much older than her. 16 years to be in fact. But none of that bothers me, really. What does, however, is Mary-Kate puffing away on her cancer stick right in front of the little girl. What gives?

Now I know Mary-Kate isn't the only person in the wrong here. The child's father is right there letting his girlfriend blow secondhand smoke in his daughter's face. So shame on him, too!

I didn't realize there was a person left in the world who didn't know how awful cigarettes are, but apparently MK didn't get the surgeon generals warnings. Cancer. Emphysema. Do I have to go on?

Now before you give me some talk about how Sarkozy is French and it's part of their culture, I say bull. Making a child ingest fatal chemicals is unacceptable no matter what country you're in.

Think I'm over-reacting? Maybe. But would you let someone blow cigarette smoke right into your child's face?