Prom Chaperones Gone Wild? Two Moms Face Charges for Their Behavior

Naughty naughtyIt's never a good night when the chaperones of the prom are more poorly behaved than the students. The Smoking Gun reported earlier this week that two 42-year-old mothers who were chaperoning the Manitou Springs High School prom in Colorado on April 21 didn't approve of the students' sexy dance moves so they allegedly sprayed the students with Lysol to break them up. The Lysol got into some of the students' eyes and mouths forcing them to leave the prom. But not without also making sure that the students really knew what the chaperones thought about them.

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According to the police officer on duty at the prom, the two mothers, who were dressed in military fatigues for the "Lost in Pandora" themed event, thought that the dance moves of the students were "filthy" and "similar to what you would see on MTV." However, the officer reported that he did not see any behavior from the students that was of particular concern. Let's face it: teenagers are probably going to do some dirty dancing at their prom. It's been happening for decades, and as long as anything isn't too explicit, most chaperones, and apparently even police officers, expect to see some level of it. But these mothers were so offended by it that the students also allege that the chaperones called them "sluts and whores." And that's what really got the duo into trouble.

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While one school administrator says the chaperones admitted to him that they sprayed the Lysol, the two deny the allegations. But they are facing criminal charges because they "directed obscene language to another in a public place." In that case, there are a lot of other people out there that are breaking the law.

While it seems completely backwards that they would be charged with this offense and not for the assault with the Lysol, what is really, really backwards is that these mothers would even come up with this idea and talk to children this way. Their disgust at the prom-goers' behavior was only met with the even more grotesque behavior that they displayed themselves. How can we expect children to behave properly when the parents are setting such a horrible example?

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