Quick! Get Pregnant Today and Win a Free Ikea Crib

Make sure to read the fine print. (Photo: IKEA)

First comes crib, then comes baby? Drop whatever Valentine’s Day plans you had for this evening and get to work. Ikea Australia is offering a free crib to any baby born exactly nine months from today!

Don't worry, our heads are spinning too. This has to be one of the weirdest promotions a business has ever used. First of all, you’d have to get pregnant today, which seems unlikely, and you’d have to deliver the baby in exactly nine months, November 14, which is nearly impossible unless you induce labor, and if you’re willing to do that for a free crib, we’ll just give you one.

The cherry on top is you have to provide “proof of delivery” in order to receive the crib. Happy Valentine’s Day! Sheesh, we’ll just buy the thing.