Raising children in a veggie environment

Hi, I need some advise from veggie parents/kids. I do no want criticism or judgmental comments about our lifestyle, we chose this life and are perfectly happy with it.

My husband and I have been veggie for quite sometime even though we grew up in a meat eating home. We are trying to start a family and we keep being asked what are we going to feed our kids and what are we going to do to ensure that they have a balanced meal. I have done plenty of research on creating vegetarian meals for kids to get adequete protein and vitamins/minerals.

My question/dilemna: Does anyone have suggestions for how to talk to our kids about the choices we made? How to handle when children are invited to bday parties, sleep overs, etc. that is serving meat? How to handle when children are visiting family members that do eat meat and do not approve of our lifestyle (my in-laws have clearly stated that if their grandchild visits that they will be served meat)? How to handle school lunches? Finally, how to answer the kids if they are teased at school for not eating meat?

I know these are 5 plus years away but I am constantly asking myself and my husband about how we are going to face these questions when they arrive. I am perfectly okay in letting them make the choice on whether or not to eat meat when they are old enough to understand, but for the time being I will raise them to be meat free. I would like to hear from veggies that were raised in a veggie household or have raised kids in a veggie household. How did you handle those common situations? What was the end result of the experience, were the children happy with the lifestyle or were they vengeful for living in a household like that? Some advise would be greatly appreciated to ease my concerns before starting this journey. Thank you so much!