Red Tricycle’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide

weecards-550x247weecards-550x247 Whether you have new moms on your holiday gift list (or are expecting and need to make a list!), need to buy toys for the preschoolers or toddlers in your life, or are merely stumped about what to buy your hubby this year, then rest assured that your holiday shopping will be easy as 1-2-3 thanks to the little elves at Red Tricycle.

This year we've spent hours poring over hundreds of products, drawing on our own experiences giving and receiving gifts, tapping into our parenting friends and our wonderful Red Tricycle community via Facebook and Twitter and the result is our awesome 2011 Gift Guide, which has a little something for everyone on your list.

Happy holidays (and happy shopping) from the little elves at Red Tricycle.

Green Toys
For the hottest Green Toys, in a variety of age levels, check out our eco (and baby) friendly list. From toy race cars to gDiapers, we've got toys big and small to make your kiddos and the earth very happy.

Gifts For New Moms
New moms are spending all of their time preoccupied with their new arrival, and that's why someone needs to look out for their health and happiness. That's where you come in! Why not send her to a spa for a day, give her a wine of the month club membership, or a bundle of gift cards to her favorite coffee shop. Reminding her that taking time out for herself is just as important as keeping her new bundle of joy happy and healthy.

Gifts for Dad
We can't forget about Dad over the holidays! For every new bicycle he will attempt to construct before Christmas morning, and for every doll house sitting perfectly beside the tree, Dad deserves some appreciation. How about some priceless peace and quiet with noise canceling headphones? Or the Star Wars Box Set DVD? We've got plenty of ideas to keep Dad in the spirit.

Newborn Gifts
Newborns may not appreciate their first holiday season, but moms and dads surely do. Help keep baby clean with an adorable Blooming Bath for the sink! Or you can't go wrong with a sooth Sheep Sleep for fussy babies. Any of our items will have any parent of a new born thanking you over and over again.

Awesome Toys For a Two Year Old
They're old enough to run around (and fall face first) but still lack the attention span for board games. They aren't a baby anymore, but they're not quite a little kid. What to get two year olds? What about a 15 piece Chubbies Bucket, filled with tons of transportation toys? Or a Rody Horse for bouncing around the living room? Check out our many great options before it's too late!

Gifts For a Three Year Old
Some of your three year olds are already in preschool, while others are almost there. These little rugrats can sit for longer periods of time, and have better dexterity than their two year old selves. Let them show off their artistic skills with a Crayola Creativity Play Station, and for little girls who love to play dress up, check out the indoor/outdoor princess playhouse! We've got tons of great gift ideas for your little movers and shakers.

Gifts for Preschoolers
The little ones are almost kiddos! Getting gifts for kids who are excited to learn is tons of fun when you have lots of options. Encourage your little explorers with a Garden Treasure Box, a Leap Frog Scribble and Write, or Little Passports with a mini suitcase and tons of interactive travel documents.

And don't worry, we've also made a list of the worst gifts this year - just so you know exactly what to steer clear of (hello, swearing baby doll!). Though you won't be buying these, we're sure you'll find them very interesting to say the least!

-- Lauren Dupuis