Refresh Your Home’s Style for Spring

Refresh your home's style for springBy now, you've disinfected, decluttered, and reorganized for spring. Next, it's time to refresh your style. Interior designer Shirry Dolgin joins Easy Does It host Ereka Vetrini with some tricks and tips for updating your home this season.

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Dolgin says that some of the hot color families for spring are corals and yellows, as well as seafoam blue and floral patterns. However, you don't need to feel overwhelmed or throw these colors all over a room-you can make small changes instead.

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"I want you to think of a room in 3-D," says Dolgin. "So what I would recommend is something like changing your area rug. That covers your floor surface." Then, she says, the walls can be updated with new drapery or by adding a small tape detail to the edge of your existing drapery. Finally, add a bold pop on your crown molding to tie it all in together. "Now you have a 3-D, full space taken care of," she says.

A common mistake people make when decorating, Dolgin says, is to go out shopping and find an item that they love, such as a vase or pillow, but to only buy one. "And it doesn't fill a room up really well." Instead, she recommends following a formula of "a set of three and a stack of books." This can create an easy look to implement on your coffee table. For example, Dolgin recommends filling a set of three glass jars with a single fruit, such as lemons or limes. "Don't fill them halfway. You want to fill them and have that abundant feeling for the spring."

If you've found wallpaper that you like for spring, but you don't want to go through the expense and hassle of putting it on your wall, Dolgin has simple solution. "Do something like getting a foam board, putting the wallpaper on that foam board, and then framing it. And now you have the spring color and your favorite new wallpaper, but you can take it down easily." You can also frame fabric in a spring color, which is an inexpensive way to place artwork in your home.

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