Results of Disobedience and Discipline

Man absence of God truths in a {child disciplinary} conform the child in eventual as in illustration {from{2 Peter 2:22.."The dog who comes back to what he has vomited ..and a pig to wallow back in the mud}. Therefore the man succumbing to stupid behavior. The formed stubborn ignorance to have been instilled from the man being unaware of consequence. Bringing trauma against the man ..another ..and against God promised destruction. His curse. There is a difference between abuse and appropriate discipline but both to have been entwined as one by rebellious men. In-turn to have formed a network of negative consequence ..presently confirmed from many youths negative behavior. A {man ..child} rendered wrongful events must be understood through consequence the discipline being the positive element ..allowance for awareness ..change. ..The Holy Spirit says {from{Jeremiah 6:14.."For you cannot heal a wound by saying its not there}.

The only thing that will {most often} bring a man to such detrimental findings {addictions ..and insanity} ..being from the horrific behaviors instilled against the man through measures of {abuse}. Such as in examples being the negative treatment of the blacks in America during slavery and still in constant subtlety of behavior demonstrated of today. But the behavior not acknowledged. Though the dammage being confirmed from the major populated American black man measure of inadequates of {the multitudes throughout America} ..their negative behavioral performance {insanity ..addictions}. And the American Indians ..the rendering of abuse being of the same examples as done of the blacks. But the behavior not acknowledged. But the dammage confirmed from the major populated American Indian measure of inadequates of {the multitudes throughout America} ..their negative behavioral performance {insanity ..addictions}. For abuse if not remedied it's affects will pass on to the next generation. Therefore the {evil} performed of another thus to have assimilated a group of many men to the level of {insanity ..addictions} from abuse. The above being the validated examples performed of demonstrated abuse. Which to have presently reached into the personal lives of those guilty {the abuser}. Thus to have incurred from the sequence of behavioral sin ..the evil infection to have succumb contagious thus at present being grouped with {research recommending no disciplinary measures for the child}.

For nearly two decades {many parents ..those in majority} having been denied the parental right of disciplinary control. In-turn the American children {those of majority} presently being children of no restraint. But no one {claim ..admit} accountability ..thus through scientific research only of excuses. But all being the inherited ideology of Babylon the children of {Adam ..and Eve} one claiming accountability for the former wrongful choice having been made of man own wisdom casting the blame upon another other than themselves as did their parents {Adam and Eve}. For Adam blamed God and Eve blamed the serpent. Therefore man following in the behavior of the parents {submitted ..Babylon} ..the inherited sins and those still in obedience to adhere to the voice of that being evil. Instead of following God commands. In-turn the exposed consequence from multitudes of youths today {the negative occurrences} being in receipt from man {rebellion} against God. Therefore man in-turn ..from {Hosea 10:12-14 .."To reap what is sowed}. For many parents and those of others whom did not adhere in delivery to obey ..{the no parental discipline allowed} from {the cited legal sanctions} were those to have been inflicted of punishment ..the {trigger ..electric shock induced {the penalty} or the fear derived from witnessed punishment of another {if not to obey}. The parents learned behavior from trigger of negative enforcement ..allowed the God given {right of passage} afforded to the parents in delivering {punishment ..discipline} to the child being dismantled. Which {in majority ..parents ceased of child discipline}. God says {from{Jeremiah 17:5 .."Cursed is the man whom puts his trust in mortal man}. The consequence being God affirmed truths. {From {Hosea 10:12-13.."The return harvest of wickedness}. All thus being the negative {consequence ..mistakes} to have been rendered ..made from another wrongfully formed decisions devised from lack of ..awareness ..common sense. Being in similar to the mentioned above illustration related to the {Blacks ..Indians}. The consequence being in receipt from man {rebellion} against God. The man in obedience to Satan and the others thus to perform and render wrongful choices.

From {Mattathiah/Matthew 18:4-10.."God refers to all man as His children}.
In-turn God says {from{Revelation 3:19.."I continuously punish those I love}.
God says {From{Jeremiah 30:11.."I forgive ..but punishment being assured}.
{From{Isaiah 48:17.."God says His punishment against man being for Good}.

The Lord God ..the God of Israel ..{do not spare ..nor ..spoil the child}.

The Holy Spirit says
{from{1Thessalonians 4:8.."The man refusing to live by God rules ..being not disobedient to man but God}. Therefore only unto the Lord God is man to adhere. God says {from{Jeremiah 17:5 .."Cursed is the man whom puts his trust in mortal man}. Therefore in contrary of abuse but that devised of God ..a child under appropriate {discipline ..punishment} learns from the behavior. The positive reinforcement as done of the Lord God against His children. ..Which is not abuse. The Holy Spirit says {from{Job 8:10-13.."The {history ..experience of others} will teach ..speak to you}. In-turn for man {not} to follow in the same pattern of wickedness of another ..but that favored of God. For all to have occurred throughout history being not to devise of hate from knowing but the {positive ..negative} factors essential to allow positive effectiveness in modifying behavioral performance. ..As that being the same performed of God to those {His children} belonging to Him concerning matters of {discipline ..punishment} incurred from wrongful behavior. For without a man allowance for awareness {the discipline} there would be no change. All being God plan of purpose but being fostered against God will by those in rebellion. Those belonging to Babylon ..{influenced ..obedient} to Satan and the others. Satan messengers {the serpent in the garden}.

From {Job 15:20-35 .." The Holy Spirit voice against the wicked man of former ..and present. ..Those the multitudes already in their ordained eternal suffering ..and those running the race in sequence to join the others. The man whom can only {conceive} of sin and whom heart only give birth to wickedness ..The man whom fights against His Creator.
The Holy Spirit warns {From{Ephesians 6:12 .."This is a spiritual war}
and {from{2 Peter 2: 9-16
.."Addresses of Satan and the others ..the Glorious Ones tremendous power and strength contained of them against man}

God address {from{Mattathiah/Matthew 12:43 .."This nation being like a man possessed by a demon}. This being from the {multitudes} that which reside ..evil ..rebellious ..treacheous within his heart. Therefore being those allowed of {influence ..possession} by those ..wicked ..treacherous ..and evil from the spirit world ..Satan and the others. But all done against the man of his own will from rebellion. In-turn being a man not protected by God. ..Thus being addressed of the evil spirits {from{Jeremiah 50:7 .."Being free to attack him}.
Therefore all the things that are occurring ..being said formally of God to occur from man rebellion. {From {Acts 17:30-31.."It is a {commandment ..not a request} voiced from God that man serve Him ..for God is no longer allowing for man ignorance}. In-turn the man in disobedience {not adhering} to this commandment being the man ..{from{Hosea 4:6{Obadiah 1:7-9 .."To die from lack of God understanding}. Satan is extreme angry against God ..for Satan was of {four horns ..titles} in heaven being {king ..priest ..judge ..and prophet} but stripped of his titles and evicted from heaven.

The Holy Spirit warns
{from{ Revelation 12:3-17) "The dragon(Satan) was furious with the woman(Mariam for her utter obedience ..allowing God to do as he pleased with her ..thus in allowing to be used ..bringing forth the Lord God) and Satan went off to fight ..(placing influence against ) toward the rest of her descendants all those who obey God's commandments and are faithful to the truth revealed ..(being those the Jews and those succumbing as Jews through God invitation of adoption}. ..And the dragon (Satan} stood on the seashore ..Babylon kingdom ..thus to reign as his own}.

All being in the allowance to all the tragic ..rebellious ..and treacherous behavior of man. For Satan fury rage against anyone belonging to God ..His Creation. In-turn Satan anger ensue of great capacity to render {stubborness and rebellion against God through all man}. Being successful from man eager disobedience to God. In-turn multitudes to suffer eternal destruction. God do not lie has been spoken.

I am a lowly servant of the lord God ..a prophet task (responsibility) as appointed and commanded by my Lord God through instruction and direction of my Holy Spirit to speak constructively through validated scripture in ..respect ..gentleness ..{from{Psalms 51:6 .."Honesty ..Sincerity ..and Truth ..the Lord God wisdom) ..My work being performed not out of duty ..but diligently for the love of my Lord God. ..To please my Lord God. ..Not for gain or recognition of self ..but to gather those (to be feed) willed of the Lord God. Therefore that which has been {given ..shared} with me from my Holy Spirit is that to be {freely} shared to another. For as spoken ..{from {Yohanan/John 12:49-50 "I know His instructions lead to eternal life what ever He tells me to say .. I say"}. All can request of any given concern of question concerning biblical reference and as allowed of the Holy Spirit the information will be submitted on Shine.
My screen name on posts being ..{Sarah David father and mother name}.