Retro ice bag for big and little boos

Retro icebags are soft on the noggin.Retro icebags are soft on the noggin.When kids bonk their heads or injure some part of their body enough that it requires a bag of ice, "mommy fix it" mode usually jumps into high gear.

For toddlers there's boo boo bunnies, but older kids would cry from the added embarrassment of mom putting a cold stuffed animal on their head. Well, at least my boys would. Sure, a bag of frozen corn or ziploc full of ice will work fine. But I dunno, something makes me want to go all June Cleaver and take care of my boys with a touch of glam.

I adore this Retro Ice Bag (US$13) from Gal Pal and the funky designs have zero to do with it.

It's the ease and longevity factor. First, it doesn't have to sit in the freezer all the time waiting for an injury to happen. You just fill it with ice (or hot water depending on whatcha' got goin' on) when you need to use it. And they will forever be age appropriate -- from toddlerhood through the adulthood. Plus, a retro bag is way more comfy than a plastic bag wrapped in a towel that never manages to cover the spot that really hurts.

Ladies, this makes an excellent baby shower gift. My pick is the Etoile, shown above, because it's a cute, unisex design. And you know, it doesn't hurt that it feeds the pun that a kid is "seeing stars."