How Rocker-Mom Pink Spends a Typical 24 Hours

She can sing. She can dance. She can drop 55 pounds of baby weight quicker than you can count to 6-pack. How does rocker Pink juggle being "P!nk" with taking care of a one-year-old? Figuring that surely she was rocking some sort of Five Chinese Brothers situation, we asked her what a typical day looked like. She broke it down for us, providing the definitive guide to being a breastfeeding rock star with a seriously impressive set of abs.

: "3-4 hours these days."

Co-sleeping : "2-3 hours in the daytime and morning."

Songwriting : "3-5 hours on a good day."

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Online Shopping : "Honestly? A lot of minutes!"

Lullaby Singing : "All day, 24/7."

Worrying : "800 hours a day. I'm really good at it."

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Yelling : "HaHa. Me?"

Boozing : "4 minutes."

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