Royal Baby Throwback: Old Footage Of Baby Prince William and Harry

(Getty Images)In less than a month, Prince William is about to become a first-time father. And since we're not likely to see pictures of the baby for at least a few weeks after the birth we went to the archives—aka—to dig up some vintage footage of William and his brother Harry when they were the world's most famous royal babies. Spoiler alert: They were awesome.

Here's Prince William meeting the press with mom and dad at six months old.

Here's Prince William meeting the press with mom and dad at six months old.
In this clip, originally aired in1982, Prince William is described by the voiceover announcer as “serious, self-confident,and nonchalant.” Three decades later, and this description sounds prettyon-point for the man who will eventually be King of England.

Here's Prince Harry's 1984 Christening (keep an eye on Prince William)
As Prince Charles explains in theclip, the gown worn by Harry was one made for Queen Victoria’s daughter, andhas been passed down and worn by members of the Royal Family including QueenElizabeth and Prince Charles. That gown was put into preservation; the RoyalBaby will likely be wearing a replica of the original. But the best part of the video isseeing a toddler-aged Prince William running around and raising his voice in church. It’s nice to know that even Royals aren’t born on their best behavior. 

Here are the brothers the following year, just hanging out like tiny royal men

It’s clear that Prince William andPrince Harry have always had a close connection. In this video, they goof offwhile royal photographers try to arrange a family photo. At one point, PrinceWilliam hides under the tablecloth to avoid the camera—good thing he’s becomeless camera shy as an adult.