San Francisco Giants to teens: "It gets better"

New favorite baseball team: the San Francisco Giants. Members of the MLB team just released a video for the It Gets Better campaign, supporting the young LGBT community and spreading a message of tolerance. That makes them the first major sports team to record a video for the celebrity-driven campaign to end school bullying and homophobia. This is a huge deal. Massive.
Sports teams, from the big leagues to the little ones, have a reputation for being homophobic breeding grounds. Having a major athlete like Barry Zito acknowledging the social struggles gay teens face breaks down the biggest cultural taboo in athletics. Finally. It's a welcome change from the anti-gay comments more often echoed in professional sports. Most recently Kobe Bryant was fined for a homophobic slur he made on the basketball court. As a reaction to Bryant's comments, a San Francisco-based accountant started a petition online to get the Giants to join the widely-praised It Gets Better campaign. 6,500 signatures later, they did. Next up, the Yankees and the Red Sox. Petitions are circulating online to get both teams involved in the cause to support teens. Let's do this, Jeter.

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