San Francisco Makes 'Batkid' Superhero for a Day

photo by: Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area FoundationMiles Scott, a 5-year-old boy who has been battling leukemia for three years, is already an amazing kid but he got the chance to amaze the world when he turned into "Batkid" on Friday. With the help of the Make-a-Wish Greater Bay Area Foundation and a whopping 12,000 volunteers, the city of San Francisco morphed into a real-life Gotham City complete with damsels in distress, enemies like The Joker and The Riddler, and adoring fans. Weeks in the making, the perfectly executed day was all about making the little boy's dream of becoming a superhero come true and it went off without a hitch, giving Miles the experience of a lifetime, and leaving the rest of us wildly impressed with the people of San Francisco. Check out a play-by-play of Miles's special day, which included fending off evil, making the frontpage of the paper, and finally getting that ride in the Batmobile. And be sure to have some tissues handy ...

Thursday night, the Gotham City police activated the Bat-Signal to let Myles, a.k.a Batkid, know that the city needed his help.

Batkid immediately answered the call because "he's the hero Gotham deserves" and arrived with his parents and little brother, who quickly turned into Robin, a perfect sidekick.

The Gotham City Chronicle was the first to break the news ... and the issue is sure to become a collectible.

Batkid may be small, but he's got the strength of the entire Gotham City police force on his side.

And Nancy Pelosi.

And if the former Speaker of the House isn't impressive enough, Batkid's also got the support of pro football team the San Francisco 49ers. And they're already prepared with disguises.

There's a damsel in distress tied to the trolley tracks! The Riddler has started his reign of terror.

Nananananananananana ... Here comes Batkid, leaving the Batcave in his Batmoblie.

Batkid can accomplish anything if he has his sidekick Robin and Grandma by his side!

Every hero deserves a hug.

The president thanks you, Batkid, for your hard work! (Yes, really!)

Batkid successfully defeated The Riddler (this time), but The Joker is still on the lose.

Being a superhero is far from a 9-to-5 job since crime never sleeps. Without a moment to spare in between rescues, he's called to a bank robbery in the Financial District!

The day is far from done ...

Fighting crime is hard work and calls for refueling at Burger Bar.

But there's no rest for the wicked! The Penguin is preparing to kidnap Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants' mascot.

The Giants have faith that Gotham's hero won't leave them without a cheering section for their next home game.

Batkid surveying the city. Maybe from Mayor Anthony Garcia's office? 

With The Riddler successfully thrown in jail and off of Gotham's streets, that only leaves The Joker as the criminal responsible for this fishy crime.

Batkid to the rescue!

Success! The Joker is apprehended and will join his partner in crime, The Riddler, in jail.


The citizens of Gotham are thanking Batkid by giving him the keys to the city.

Batkid gets a police escort to City Hall. #VIP

Enough said.

The Presidential Seal of Approval!

Can the batmobile get parking tickets?

History = Made

It's official: Batkid has the keys to Gotham City. Next on the agenda? Bat nap.