Sarah Palin and her family values

Give Sarah a Fair Chance

I'm ticked off!

In general, I try to refrain from commenting about politics. I'm very passionate about my beliefs, and usually it's healthier for me to keep quiet than to enter a conversation that I know will end in a major argument. But sometimes I feel like I have to take a stand!

This presidential election is a historic one. Regardless of who takes office, the outcome will be discussed, debated and argued for many years to come. Already it is generating a great deal of lively discourse. But the recent announcement of Sarah Palin as McCain's choice for VP has taken the discussion to a whole new level.

I agree that McCain's choice is controversial, to say the least. And I expected to hear and read many different viewpoints regarding Palin's political background and experience. What I didn't expect to read about was men and women around the country questioning her family values.

I have spent the last three hours reading discussion forums, blog posts and different articles -- all of them attacking Palin's values as a mother. It seems that the pregnancy of her teenage daughter has taken over all of today's news.

Wake up America!

How is it that we women, who like to think we can do it all, are the first to crucify someone who has five kids while governing a state and running for high office? Aren't we being just a bit hypocritical here?

Palin has successfully juggled her career, family and children for many years, and still looks like she has not lost any marbles. Yet, now she poses a threat to the United States because she is a mother of five and soon to be a grandmother? Come on!

Would we react the same way if our VP candidate was a man who recently had a baby and a pregnant daughter? Or would we simply announce that fact on the evening news and quickly move on to the more important issues at hand?

You can be a republican or a democrat. You can be pro choice or pro life. And you can vote for whomever you think is best for the job. But please, let's get off this outdated double standard for women in politics. And let's stay focused on the important issues, which are not Sarah's five kids with their disabilities, triumph or downfalls.

Yana Berlin - Founder of a Website for women 40 and beyond.