School Bans 'Homemade Lunches'... WHAT??!!

By Susan Krivelow,

I just read an article about a public school in Chicago that will not allow students to brown bag it anymore. The kids have to eat the cafeteria lunch or go hungry. Only students with allergies are allowed to bring in a homemade meal.

The school prinicpal said it's about "the excellent quality of the food" at the school. "It's milk versus a Coke."

Enough with the food police! If you want to ban sugary drinks in school, go for it... but don't tell me that I can't take part in the time honored parenting tradition of lovingly making my child a peanut butter (natural, of course) and jelly (all fruit, of course) sandwich (on whole grain bread, of course) and packing it, along with a nice little note, for school.

Whoever instituted this ban needs to be sentenced to some serious detention.
Do you agree or not? We want to hear from you!!!

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