Selfless Surrogate Retires After Giving Birth to 15th Baby

Selfless SurrogatePregnancy and childbirth are often pretty tough to handle one time around for your own child, much less a whole bunch of other times. North Dakota resident Meredith Olafson has repeatedly gone above and beyond to help couples become parents, having delivered 11 babies for other people (4 pregnancies were with her own children).

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In total, she's successfully carried and born three singles, two sets of triplets, and three pair of twins...just to be a nice person and help other would-be parents realize their dreams. Lest you think that she's laughing all the way to the bank, Meredith makes only minor money for her trouble, as compared with the exorbitant fees that some surrogates can command.

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Of course, Meredith might be a little more inclined to serve as a surrogate than some of us because she routinely experiences easy pregnancies and extremely fast deliveries. Still, carrying a baby (or three) is quite a sacrifice to make for people you don't even know. Unfortunately for other wishful parents out there, Meredith and her uterus are entering gestational retirement at age 47. Enjoy the time off, Meredith - you've earned it!

Carrying a baby is a huge commitment. Could you carry someone else's child?

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