Seriously? Brad and Angelina are eligible for child support in France

Photo Credit: Ethan Miller /Getty Images EntertainmentPhoto Credit: Ethan Miller /Getty Images EntertainmentWhen Joanna forwarded this story to me I nearly spewed my coffee. According to, the parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are technically eligible to receive child support in France (where they are registered residents of the country). The story goes on to say that they qualify for a "nanny payment" of $975.84 a month and an "orphan allowance" of $508.97 for each of their three adopted children. The final monthly payout? $2,592.81.

Apparently the country offers very strong financial support to parents regardless of the family's income.

I can't imagine they would ever accept such support, but what a story it would be if they did!

And wow, wouldn't you dig a nanny payment every month?

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