Shutterbug: 5 Unique Places to Photograph Your Kids

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Point and shoot! Every day with your kids is full of memories, but we don't always remember to pull out the camera and capture them for posterity. Mom and photographer Jennifer Little, founder of Fort Collins, CO-based Sugar Photography (no relation), believes it is these little, everyday moments that families love to look back on. She says, "It's about emotions and capturing the full range of your child in unique but natural environments." Keep reading to see some of the unusual places she recommends snapping some shots, as well as beautiful examples of her work!

  • The Airport: According to Little, "See the airport through the wonderment of a child's eyes. The mass, the magnitude, and the concept of how the airport operates provide your child an unforgettable experience perfect for capturing, and will undoubtedly result in millions of questions for you. The tunnels, trains, moving sidewalks, escalators, baggage claim, and the ultimate site of the big jet planes provide multiple opportunities for a stellar photo shoot."
  • The Barbershop: Little advises, "Take the time to hunt down a classic barbershop, barber pole included, and take your son there. He will have a blast, and the old men waiting their turns will be filled with their own memories. You are taking a step back in time, and the nostalgic tools and utensils will provide the ultimate photo opportunity. A fellow patron at Dean's Barber Shop in Fort Collins, CO, told our son, 'If you have to make an appointment, it's a place for girls.'"
  • The Bathroom: Little adds, "The bathroom is a unique everyday spot with a spin. Clear the clutter and capture moments ranging from the classic bath shot to stressful potty training moments. These stops on the road map of life are here today and gone tomorrow. You will encounter moments of emulation, such as your son trying to shave or your daughter playing in your makeup drawer, that will guarantee a fantastic photo and a few laughs. "
  • The Dentist: According Little, "It's scary and exciting, new and daunting. The first trip can serve as a sense of accomplishment and growth for your little one. Here you can capture a wide range of emotions: fear, joy, excitement, apprehension, jubilation, and pride. The office will provide a unique abstract setting full of stainless steel tools, plastic utensils, sharp lines, and offset curves in contrast to the soft features of your child. This is a classic moment and routine activity that will freeze a moment in time."
  • The Stadium: Little suggests touching on some nostalgia. "The hope that one day your child will follow in your own footsteps and attend ol' State U to share the same passion for your alma mater is sure to be a unique photo moment. Chances are your kids will be as excited, if not more, than you are to be a part of the weekend pageantry. Stop by before game day to grab a shot of the cavernous cathedral in contrast to your tiny tyke. On game day you can capture the sites, sounds, and even the scents of the charcoal grill surrounded by 82,112 of your closest friends."

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