Sisters-in-Law Unexpectedly Deliver Babies Just Hours Apart

"The plan was she would help me through labor," first-time mom Alex Biggs told KHOU 11 News about her sister-in-law, Ivee Syon. But shouldn't we always expect the unexpected? The Houston-area mothers got quite a surprise when Syon's water broke in the hospital, and she and Biggs delivered their daughters just hours apart.

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Now a four-time mother, Syon said she was there to support Biggs through labor, but when her water broke at 38 weeks pregnant, "it was very embarrassing, like the TV shows," she recalled. Within just a few hours, baby Chloe was born, and Biggs was still pushing. After 14 hours of labor, Biggs's daughter, Jada, finally joined the family.

Biggs said she couldn't be mad at Syon, but was certainly surprised. "I just, I was like really?" Alex said. Clarence Biggs, Biggs's husband and Syon's brother, told KHOU, "My sister beat us." Syon explained that she tried not to rub it in and just kept quiet. (Our call to the women was not returned at press time.)

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The families say they were already close. "Just makes it that much more special, that much more meaningful," added Clarence. Both families are looking forward to shared birthday parties for their daughters. "We split the cost," Corey Syon, Ivee's husband, told KHOU. "We're very excited about that."

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