Six Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

No question, Mother's Day should be every day. But since it's not, make the most of the one Sunday a year dedicated to you - and only you. We've great ways to celebrate being a darn-good mom .

Family JewelsFamily Jewels

Custom Photo Necklace

You've posted all your awesome Instagrams to Facebook - now what to do with them? Send them to Sierra Silva of Shiloh's Shadowbox, and she'll turn them into a wearable token of Junior's cuteness (and your mad photo skills).

Available at, $16.

Pretty as a PicturePretty as a Picture

Custom Portrait Drawing

Illustrator Merrilee Liddiard has a knack for faces. She draws graphite portraits based on multiple photos of her subjects - capturing their personalities as much as their features.

Available at, $80-$160.

Find a New Favorite Read

In the BagIn the Bag

Family Series Tote

Don't carry your market veggies home in any old sack - a personalized tote is much sweeter. Choose from the K Studio cast of characters that most closely resembles your brood (pets included), and the design studio embroiders the figures in your choice of thread onto an off-white organic cotton bag.

Available at, $48.

Now Ear ThisNow Ear This

Dara Ettinger Kristi Earrings

Dangling earrings have gone the way of a good night's sleep now that baby is grabbing for everything in sight. Opt for studs like natural agate stones in orange, turquoise, or hot pink.

Available at, $86.

Sweets You Can Send

Rise and ShineRise and Shine

Amazing Mom Power Coffee

Well-intentioned relatives tell you to nap when the baby does. We say get some really good joe like Amazing Mom Power Coffee, with a label drawn by everyone's favorite kid-book illustrator, Sandra Boynton.

Available at, $11.

Case StudyCase Study

Custom Cases

One more reason to be addicted to your phone: your kids' faces staring back at you. Upload any image and turn it into a protective case for your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry. For best results, consider doctoring the photo on your computer first - sepia and vintage effects look great.

Available at, starting at $35.

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