Sleep Tight: 10 Bedtime Books for Toddlers

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Sharing a cuddle and a good book is the best way to end the day with your toddler, making these books must haves for your bedtime routine. Some of these classics may already be in your collection, but we've also included a few that may be unfamiliar. Reading to your child encourages language development, stimulates your tot's imagination, and gives mom and little one a chance to unwind together. Click through for a collection of bedtime books for toddlers. Did we miss your favorite? Leave a comment with yours below.

  • Good Night, Gorilla: Here's a silly monkey who's not ready for bed. Your child will love following along with him while reading Good Night, Gorilla ($6). With cute illustrations and short prose, this is sure to become a bedtime favorite.
  • Tuesday: A Caldecott-winning classic, Tuesday ($8) follows several frogs on an evening adventure. Filled with stunning illustrations, the engaging book has very little text, encouraging your tot to explore the amazing story using her own imagination.
  • Time For Bed: As darkness falls, it's time to get ready for bed. With lulling, repetitive text, Time For Bed ($27) helps your little one wind down after an exciting day of fun, leaving her feeling warm, loved, and ready for bed.
  • Goodnight Moon: Here is a classic by Margaret Wise Brown that invites your little one into a quiet house that's ready for a night of sleeping. Your tot will love saying goodnight to all the characters while reading Goodnight Moon ($10).
  • Little Owl's Night: Little owl loves the night, and this special book shares all the wonderful things that happen after darkness falls. Follow along with Little Owl's Night ($17) and enjoy the beautiful illustrations and cute story.

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  • Pajama Time!: This classic rhyming board book calms your little one and catches her attention. By Sandra Boynton, Pajama Time! ($10) is an amusing, seriously cute, and fun story to read over and over.
  • Polar Bear Night: With soothing pastel illustrations and soft tones, Polar Bear Night ($18) is a starlit story that makes a perfect calming read right before bed.
  • I Took the Moon For a Walk: This book reads like a poem and is paired with illustrations that are fitting and peaceful. Walk along with this little boy and the moon in I Took the Moon For a Walk ($30). Fitting for a toddler, the big book has sturdy pages filled with character, making it a wonderful bedtime read.
  • I Don't Want to Go to Bed!: Just about every child has said it: I don't want to go to bed! Follow little tiger as he enjoys the chance to stay up all night in this cute story. I Don't Want to go to Bed! ($7) has adorable illustrations and short text, making it perfect for toddlers.
  • Kitten's First Full Moon: This Caldecott classic is filled with creative illustrations that follow a silly kitten on an evening romp. Kitten's First Full Moon ($18) is a sweet nighttime adventure that is easy to read and enjoyable for kids of all ages.

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