Small Children at School

What are your children really learning in public school?
Teachers study many years and have to have dedication to teach many subjects to small children.
Parents are required to send their children to school.
Recently I watched a parent/teacher/administration meeting on local news.
The main thing I saw were the empty seats where parents needed to be. It tells the teacher that you as a parent are too busy to take time to really know your child. Is public school a baby sitter or a preparation for life for your child?
Do you believe as a parent your child can do no wrong? Do you not know they tell the teacher what goes on in your home?

I have spoken with many teachers. They speak of cuts in education funding. How sad.
Why don't they just do away with buying new books for a few years on tax payers money? I suggest this because the children here in America I have watched do not even know how to hold a pencil properly or have a grasp of the English language. Maybe we need to all go back to basics and admit what we do not know.
Media shows parents and teachers not knowing as much as children. The result is lack of respect and laughter at the adults. No media - you are not smarter than that squirrel outside of my door. Squirrel forget where they place their food.
Many children today in the third grade (these are the eight and nine year old range) do not know how to read or write. One teacher said I am not allowed to teach them how to write. Not too shocking. She said, parents are teaching them how to be prejudice. They write like they talk. They cannot spell.
I said you have to be joking me. Prejudice? Because they are born with a color of their skin they cannot help? Prejudice is prejudging. Are we not humans here? This causes all of us to go back in history and relive it.

My how things have changed. In my public school all of my teachers were respected and honored. If one child disrupted the others from learning they were sent to the office. First she or he would threaten to call your Mother or Father. They knew each other too.
No one wanted to go to the office. The office called Mother and Dad up to the school for a conference.
Children being treated poorly at home. Dragged around by their little arms that can be pulled out of socket is my pet peeve. Their brains are not developed. Neither are their arms. I watched on Mother make her son walk across a hot cement parking lot with no shoes on and he was little. He was crying and screaming in pain from his feet. This Mother was yelling at him to be quiet instead of picking him up. I screamed at her some mean things and she wanted to come after me. This happened many years ago but I still think about it.
Children drop out of school for many reasons. Some cannot learn but these are in a minority. Parents have a responisibility not to bring children into this world unless they can provide a good education. My Mother was a good teacher many years. She said some children cannot learn because their parents are just dumb. Read to your children or find someone who can.

Don't parent's know that their children could die young? I grew up with the threats of polio, and other bad childhood diseases that could take away our ability to walk or talk or worse.

I had to go to school whether I wanted to go or not. My teachers were dedicated and worked with me until I got it. One math teacher made me take a math test three times over. I did not want to. It was a multiplication tables test. We had five minutes to finish the full page. Looking back it was easy. But learning it was very hard for me. How I appreciate her today for I used what she taught me in a four year University and Nursing School. Medications involve math. If done wrongly,people can die. If drug names are not understood, people can get the wrong medication and die.

Art was important for it relieved stress. Music was important for it taught me another language. Music I took from my Church. There I learned to play the piano and read music and sing.

We can all work together or have another generation lost. Do you care for your Country? Learn some history that is true. America has every Country in it. They want to come here. I say learn what you will to make your Country a better one then help your people in your Country. There are solutions to every problem.
The problem with the Earth now is over population. I learned in a Science class once that over crowding makes for crazy.
I learned to think for myself. I knew I would become like my friends so I choose good ones. The I went on to help others less fortunate. Not everyone has the gift of free school. Maybe parents need to be charged an admission each day in addition to paying taxes.
I learned how to obey the law too.
I love to listen to old songs to learn about history. These songs that teach cursing are for uneducated people who cannot think of words to communicate or have no thoughts. Learn to think for yourself and get some life experience. Respect and looking for the good in others is the way to live.