Spain grants new dads "breastfeeding breaks" at work; women of the world respond with a thunderous "WTF?"

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Don't get us wrong: We know modern dads are right there in the fray of parenting like never before. They go to Lamaze classes, strap on a BabyBjörn the second Junior pops out, and even prep themselves early by reading all the baby books. But it's been pretty much understood that they take a backseat when it comes to the whole breastfeeding thing, right? Well, no more. This week, Spain spit in the face of that sexist preconception by demanding that all new fathers be granted up to two breastfeeding breaks at work -- just like their breastfeeding wives.

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First came the obvious questions when we heard this news: What exactly are they taking a break to do exactly? Who was so incensed by this injustice that they brought it to court? And finally: Do Spanish men have lactating breasts? This led us to wonder if Spain has also demanded breastfeeding rooms in every office, much like U.S.-mandated pumping rooms. And, if so, what goes on in these rooms? Images of newbie dads taking 10-minute "BFing" breaks to play Xbox with each other and lounge in recliners can't help but flash through our minds. But maybe that's just us...

So tell us: What do you think of this law? Read more about it now and sound off!

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