Students Stage Sit-in to Save Principal's Job

Junior Courtney Beauregard shared this photo of the sit-in with local news. (Greeley Tribune)It's the kind of thing that only happens in movies: students banding together to save the job of a teacher they love.

On Thursday, the students of Colorado's Weld Central High School actually legitimized the unbelievable plot-point, when they staged a peaceful sit-in on behalf of their beloved principal.

When Donald Frenzen's contract was not renewed by the school board, parents and students mourned the loss of their hallowed leader. But a few students decided to do something about it.

Junior Courtney Beauregard and four other students organized the school-wide sit-in, according to the Greeley Tribune. Participants refused to take their finals and instead spent hours sharing with anyone who would listen why their principal should be brought back for another year.

They were joined by 15 teachers, who joined the chorus of praise for Frenzen's leadership and rapport with students.

"He helps the students," Courtney told the Greeley Tribune. "He doesn't get mad at us; he helps us understand. And he is very understanding with us."

Largely reported as a very peaceful protest, the sit-in speaks to Frenzen's educational imprint. He's created an environment where students voices matter, and that isn't something they've taken for granted.

But despite the protest, the board's narrow vote to replace Frenzen next year still stands.

Superintendent Susie Townsend refused to elaborate on the decision, but she did acknowledge the students' protest, if dismissively. "Today, students wanted an opportunity to speak in support of the principal," she wrote in an emailed state. "They gathered in the commons areas to do so. Students are now back in class completing their last day for this school year."

Whether these kids save their principal's job or not, they've figured out how to get their message across is a positive way. Hopefully their new leader is prepared to listen.