Your Sun Sign and Your Family Ties

Your Sun Sign and Your Family Ties
Spending precious moments with family is a terrific opportunity to recharge your batteries, nourish your relationships, and have fun. Naturally, every Sun sign has its own inimitable sense of what quality family time means to them. Learn yours now!

Your idea of heaven with those close to you is to play sports and other games -- preferably competitive ones you can win! When not involving everyone in physical action, your ideal family time is to travel together and, in quiet moments, share your dreams.

There's no doubt what revs your battery at home, and that's eating together as a family and spending personal time with each other. Since Taurus is the most pleasure-seeking and tactile of all signs, you love indulging your senses -- and everyone else's as well!

If you don't talk, you don't feel like you're living. Your ideal family time always involves stimulating conversations and fun word games ... but nothing that lasts too long, since you tend to become bored quickly. Planning holidays together makes you feel vibrant.

Paradise for you is the entire family snuggled up around the fire, everyone happy and everything harmonious. Maybe you all reminisce over days gone by with home movies and photo albums, or perhaps you watch a sappy movie together.

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Like every other area of your life, you like to be flamboyant in your family life. So it's no surprise that games, meals, and parties need to have an element of adventure for you to be at your happiest. Feeling as if you're at the heart of your tribe makes you purr.

You're happiest when busy doing something, so you prefer your family activities to have an end result -- while still being fun, of course! Gardening, exercising together, and cooking all fit the bill, while quiet time means everyone talking, reading, and sharing ideas.

Sociable is practically your middle name, so family gatherings are always times for chats, compliments, swapping fashion tips, or deciding on a home makeover. You also enjoy when everyone talks about what makes people tick and how you can all improve the world at large.

If your family time isn't deep and intense, you feel like it veers toward superficiality. Your family needs to be intimately involved in your chosen activities, whether it's playing challenging games, watching intense films, or listening (and even dancing!) to wildly sensuous music.

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What you adore most is traveling with your family -- and if it isn't happening at present, you likely have everyone eagerly reading travel guides, looking at websites, and planning something fun for the near future! Your love of adventure makes you enjoy getting your family out hiking, horseback riding, or just playing ball.

Not always great at relaxing, you tend to push a bit too hard at family gatherings, both physically and emotionally. Why not dial it back a bit? You'll find yourself better connected to your kin if you aim to indulge them, so consider taking them on a peaceful walk on which you can talk quietly together in nature.

Hanging loose makes you happiest, so having the family come and go, feed themselves out of the fridge, share tidbits of fascinating info, and listen to your own stories is your idea of quality family time. Games need to be high-tech, while shared music needs to be cutting-edge.

Your greatest wish is for everyone in the family to share their dreams, keep life smooth, and simply chill out together without too much effort. Your favorite family meals are languorous with soft music in the background; sports and other games will be gentle with no room for argument.

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