You Are My Sunshine: 8 Unique Names for Your Summer Baby

8 Names for Your Summer Baby8 Names for Your Summer Baby

A name says so much about a person that it's no wonder we all want to choose just the right fit. If your due date is fast approaching and you haven't yet found the perfect name for your July- or August-born baby, take a peek at these 8 names for your summer baby. Reminiscent of sunshine and warmth, these 8 names will remind you of your baby's summer birth for years to come.

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1. Ruby
As the birthstone for the month of July, Ruby is the perfect name for a July baby girl. A beautiful gemstone for a beautiful baby girl!

2. Lucy

Short and sweet, the name Lucy is perfect for a bright and happy girl full of sunshine. When shortened, "Luz" means light.

3. Tallulah

Tallulah means "leaping water." She will be spritely and ready for adventure for her whole life!

4. Stella

This little cutie's lunar-inspired name would always remind you of starry summer nights.

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1. Ronan
Your boy will definitely be a water baby with a name that means "little seal."

2. Julian
This name is a perfect fit for a July baby boy.

3. Samson
His name is sure to encompass the energy and light of summer with the meaning "sun."

4. Jude
Give your baby boy the highest honor of naming him after the Beatles song "Hey Jude" that was released in the summer of 1968.

- By Jacinda Boneau
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