Supermom Marcia Cross is not a desperate housewife!

Twins! That's what makes Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross's life all the more sweeter. She's been through a lot, but her family is stronger than ever. Marcia and her husband, Tom Mahoney, have been married since 2006. Mahoney is currently receiving treatment for cancer. Their 2-year-old twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, have helped them get through those tough times.

Marcia, who in real life is nothing like her character Bree, made time in her busy schedule to talk to Michelle Lamar from CafeMom about motherhood.

Michelle: Tell me about your daughters.

Marcia Cross: My daughters are the blessings of my life! The difficult thing about having twins is making alone time for each of the girls. I try to make time for Eden and Savannah, one-on-one time with just mommy.

What's a challenge for you, as a mom of a twin girls?

I feel guilty sometimes, when I try to spend time with just one of the girls. I love them both so much, it's hard to choose! But I know that it's important to have alone time with me. I need to work on this.

There are so many good things about being a mom of twins. No matter what, they have each other. It's beautiful to watch them, they are so different in so many ways but so alike, too.

How well do the girls sleep?

The girls are both pretty good sleepers. But when one of them gets sick..that's when they have trouble sleeping. It goes in phases.

Does your routine change when the girls are sick and can't sleep?

I take Eden or Savannah, whoever can't sleep, into our guest bedroom. We call it the peach room, and I sleep in this room with the sick baby.

This works pretty well but sometimes the girls ask for "the peach room" at bedtime and I have to tell them that's just for when they are sick. It's so sweet and I love waking up with my kids, they are so precious, especially in the morning.

What has surprised you most about being a mom?

Everything! I feel so lucky. Tom and I are so glad we have the girls, it's been amazing.

One CafeMom commented how she heard Marcia filmed some of her scenes from Desperate Housewives in her own bedroom -- since she was on bedrest. Want more proof that moms really can do it all? Cross is a spokesperson for Wake Up With Mott's, a program with Feeding America to help those in need of food. Learn more about the program from Marcia Cross here.