Suri Cruise to Get $400,000 a Year Allowance, Says Report. The High Cost of Being a Celebrity Kid.

Suri Cruise with mom Katie Holmes in New York on Friday. (James Deveany/FilmMagic/Getty …
Katie Holmes may have lost out on a massive payday, but she spared her 6-year-old daughter the trauma of a lengthy courtroom custody battle.

After her divorce from $250 million ex-husband Tom Cruise was finalized on Monday, she reportedly walked away with $400,000 a year in child support and not much more, according to TMZ. The website, which leaked alleged details from an insider, claims Tom Cruise will pay the six-figure annual sum until Suri turns 18, in addition to expenses like medical treatment, dental, insurance, education, and "extracurricular" costs. It's a significant amount of money for most people. But most people aren't A-list celebrities.

Katie Holmes becomes hero of divorce

Both Charlie Sheen and rapper Nas pay about $200,000 more annually in child support. That's not counting spousal support, something TMZ's insider also insists Holmes has forgone. 

But a big bargaining chip in the couple's agreement may not have been the money. Parties agreed not to send Suri to a "residential school," according to the website, leading speculators to believe Holmes wanted to keep her daughter from attending one well-known Scientology boarding school.

Now Suri will be assigned a little less than $5 million over the course of her childhood. That's a hefty trust, but for the world's most famous 6-year-old, it might mean cutting back on her designer wardrobe. Her closet already includes a $2,000 Dolce & Gabbana coat and a matching mommy-and-me $800 Ferragamo bag. And all those custom-made kid heels? The collection's rumored to be worth $150,000, so says the Daily Mail.

But if she ends up wearing a uniform when she enters school this fall, she won't need them. It's been widely reported that Suri will likely attend a New York City private school with an estimated $40,000 a year, which dad would cover, per TMZ's report. But security details protecting the hyper-photographed child could cost up to $20,000 a month, based on A-list security salaries.

And we haven't even gotten to childcare. According to Forbes, celebrity nannies make anywhere between $100,000 to even $1 million a year. Some are also provided travel and living expenses as well.

Suri's pricey fashion sense 

If Tom Cruise plans to cover Suri's 'extracurricular' activities, that could mean paying $500 a semester for classes at a popular Manhattan athletic center where Suri's a regular. It could also mean flying his daughter and her human shield of security around the globe. According to Newsweek, Suri could be attending a school with satellite centers in Egypt, France and Argentina, offering students the chance to study abroad. All those private planes and first class tickets add up.

Inside Suri's reunion visit with dad

Living in New York's Chelsea district doesn't come cheap either. Holmes's new 2-bedroom rental costs $12,500 a month, according to E! News.

Suri has spent her young life like royalty—for proof, refer to the Cinderella quarters she stayed in with dad during a recent trip to Disneyland. But since her parents split she's been pictured doing slightly more down-to-earth kid things with mom, like riding a bike in the park, and hopping cabs instead of private planes.

"Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest," Holmes' attorney Jonathan Wolfe told press with regards to her divorce proceedings.

If Suri's life does become a little less ostentatious in mom's care, that's not a bad thing. Better still is being spared a drawn out, and very public battle between her folks. Reducing the trauma of divorce for a kid--that's something money can't buy.

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