Tech Savvy Ideas to Fill Easter Baskets

Easter BasketsIn our house we have our favorite Easter chocolates and treats, but I always try to go light on the candy and heavy on extra goodies that I know our kids will love and use. While these items may be a little bit more than your average spend on sweet treats to fill a basket, their longevity will outlast any sugar rush, making them well worth every penny.

By Leticia Barr

Crayola Color Studio HD App & Crayola iMarker ($29.99)
Turn your iPad into an interactive digital coloring book with the Crayola iMarker that features vivid colors from the 64 count crayon box. The iMarker can mimic the look of different materials including crayons, markers, paints, and colored pencils as young artists free draw, play games, and create their own coloring pages.

Belkin RockStar Multi-Headphone Splitter ($19.95)
Always plugged in tweens and teens who still delight in the treats left by the Easter Bunny will love this headphone splitter that allows up to 5 friends to plug in their own headphones to listen to the same audio feed.

Molded Sleeves for Kindle Fire and iPads ($14.99)
These super slim Molded Sleeves are made of lightweight foam that make the highly protective of the precious device inside. The sleeves feature bright contrasting colors and an imprinted lasting print in sunburst (iPad) or raised pyramids (Kindle).

Kangaroom's Personal Media Pouch ($12.99)
If it's exhausting trying to keep track of devices, make your child responsible by giving them a place to keep everything. The Personal Media Pouch keeps everything nicely organized thanks to 6 pockets that are just the right size for a MP3 player, compact video camera, digital camera, and all their associated chargers.

iTunes Gift Card (in denominations of $15+)
Since there is always music, movies, shows, and apps to download, an iTunes gift card is always a welcome gift.

What are the must-haves in your Easter baskets each year? Are you going to branch out with candy alternatives?


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