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Beaba Bib'expresso
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
Want a no-bubble bottle to prevent a gassy baby? Try the Bib'expresso, which is as sleek-looking as an espresso maker and lets you whip up a bottle with the perfect temperature in a matter of seconds. It's also great for heating solids and breast milk. $129,

Products to make moms' lives easier

Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
Can you turn baby into a music lover while he's still in the womb? We're not sure, but it might be fun to try! Just attach the headphones to your belly and start up your playlist. Don't worry about tuning it too loud or too quiet -- they're designed to be just the right volume for baby. $50,

Levana Era Baby Monitor
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
Wish you could snap a candid photo of baby while she's (finally) sleeping peacefully, but don't have your camera or phone ready in time? This new monitor gives you the option! The Era allows you to take photos and video, and upload it to your computer later. It also plays lullabies and comes with a quad screen for multiple views (if you have multiple cameras). $130, available in mid-2012,

Pipila Portable UV Pacifier Sterilizer
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
This is a pretty handy gadget for all you germaphobes out there who need a little extra security when it comes to sanitizing. Take this UV sterilizer with you everywhere, just in case baby drops his binky -- it'll be clean in minutes! $35,

10 fashionable but totally functional baby products

4moms Origami Stroller
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
Okay, so we know strollers aren't usually considered gadgets, but we think this one is an exception. The Origami stroller is a power-folding stroller -- that's right, you push a button, and it unfolds by itself. It also has a child safety sensor and an LCD screen that tracks your speed and temperature. Even better: It can also charge your phone. $850,

Glo by Boon
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
Forget your old night-light -- this one is a modern work of art! Yup, those balls glow in the dark -- and your toddler can even take them off and play with them. Wildly cool! $85,

Mamas & Papas Magic Galaxy
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
If you're obsessed with your iPod, you'll love this toy for baby. Hook up your iPod to the Galaxy and play any music baby wants at bedtime. It's also a three-in-one mobile -- you can put it in the crib as a mobile, use it as a floor toy and also detach it from the mobile for play when baby gets older. $180,

You know you're a mom when…

The First Years Safety Shield Digital Video Monitor
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
We love this monitor's innovative zone feature. Parents can create a "safe zone" around the crib so that if a pet (or anything else!) enters the area or if baby tries to climb, an alarm will go off. It also comes with a color touch screen, a feeding timer and a nursery thermometer. $249,

Ubimed Cleanoz Nasal Aspirator
Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
This is the most high-tech nasal aspirator we've seen! The Cleanoz gently clears baby's sinuses and has disposable tips so you don't retransmit germs. It's battery-operated and empties in seconds too. $30,

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