Teens & long showers: what do they do in there?

My childhood home had a well that was constantly running dry, so whenever my showers exceeded four minutes, my mom would bang on the door until I turned it off. Can a teen girl even rinse the soap from her hair in that amount of time?

So when my husband and I bought our first home, one of my criteria was town water and excellent water pressure so I could luxuriate in a steamy waterfall whenever I wanted. (Sorry, green folks, I get few pleasures in life, and long showers once in a while is one of them.)

I think on CafeMom's son has a pretty good deal -- a SEVEN minute shower limit, that's TWICE as long as I got! Seriously though, this mom's up against some steep water bills -- $300 a cycle! -- and is trying to find ways to cut back.

Teens love long showers. One mom in Connecting With Your Teenager says she's thrilled if her daughter gets out of the stall in under 30 minutes. Another mom joked that she was going to start putting the water bill in her son's name, ha! Or maybe that's not a joke at all ...

What are the shower rules, if any, in your house? What do you think teens are really doing in there?

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Written by Cynthia Dermody for CafeMom's Big Kid Buzz

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