Test your knowledge of the great outdoors

Did you know that emus can't walk backwards and bulls are colorblind? And mosquitoes have 47 teeth… who knew?

Tim and Alice Paczesny, Education OutdoorsTim and Alice Paczesny, Education Outdoors Nature-lover Tim Paczesny knows all about the great outdoors, but he realized lots of folks never had a chance to learn about animals, their habitats and how they survive. Tim was gathering morel mushrooms with his wife and two daughters in Northern Michigan, when he noticed that his daughters were curious about the natural world but didn't know the basics - like how he could identify raccoon tracks. "Dad, how did you learn all the things you know about nature?" his daughter asked. That was all the inspiration this avid outdoorsman needed. Tim researched hundreds of nature-related facts, which he turned into educational family games designed for players of all ages.

The Camp board game challenges players to navigate through the Buy Education Outdoors' nature trivia games and activities here.Buy Education Outdoors' nature trivia games and activities here. forest and back to the campfire by answering questions about wildlife trivia along the way. The questions are organized in four levels to accommodate different skills, and a Camp decoder reveals the correct answer to each question. Tim's company, called Education Outdoors, also offers the Camp Travel Edition, which includes trivia about the 50 states. If you play all the questions, the Camp Booster Pack adds 400 new questions about animal identification, camping trivia, geography and more.

Buy Education Outdoors' nature trivia games and activities here.

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