The 6 Best Things About Being Pregnant

Being pregnant has its ups and downs. Real women share what they loved about living with a bump.
1. "The sex was awesome. Not only did it feel amazing with all the extra blood in the lady-bits zone, but it felt more special and more fun - the newness of pregnancy, not needing birth control, plus giant boobs. Awesome." - Taylor N., 26

2. "Not having to suck in my gut when having my picture taken… or at any other time." - Katherine C., 32

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3. "Not needing to buy tampons for a whole year." - Marion V., 32

3. "Guilt-free naps, guilt-free Cheeto-eating, guilt-free bitchiness." - Melissa G., 35

4. "Knowing my body was doing the most productive thing it could do, even when I was lying on the couch watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians." - Teresa D., 35

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5. "I loved that people gave me major props for doing ordinary things: carrying my own groceries, combing my hair, wearing shoes that were not orthopedic slip-ons, putting on lip gloss…" - Nicci M., 35

6. "I liked getting catcalled from behind, only to turn around with a big smile and my giant belly and watch the guy's face disappear into his collar!" - Catherine P., 41
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