The 6 Coolest Onesies: Warning! These Might Make Your Baby Hipper Than You.

Have the hippest little baby on the block? Then he or she deserves the chicest duds! These onesies are absolutely on the mark. We personally love the old-school appeal of the tape cassettes, film camera, and typewriter. These relics give off a certain vintage-cool vibe rarely found in baby clothes. For every parent who admits to occasionally pulling their Ace of Base cassettes out of the attic, or remembers a time when that bad picture of you took two weeks to develop (and couldn't be deleted with the click of a button), these are especially endearing.

Also, think of how cute your baby will look when you take him to the record store in the adorable tape cassette onesie?

To find out where to buy these cute hipster onesies, visit Baby's First Year.

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