The Best Rainy-Day Activities for Kids

photo credit: Alexander Crispin/Getty Imagesphoto credit: Alexander Crispin/Getty ImagesClimbing the walls because the weather is keeping you and your kids inside? We've got tried-and-true solutions from real moms to keep the kids from going stir-crazy (and you from going crazy) on rainy days.

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What Rain?
"We don't let a rainy day keep us inside: We get bundled up and get outside to play in the puddles! But if it's raining too hard, we like to head to an indoor gym to be active." - Rachel Zetooney, 37, Eatontown, NJ

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Paint the Town Red (and Blue, Green, Yellow . . .)
"Living in Alaska, we spend a lot of time playing inside. I stock up on one-dollar items from Michael's - small sticker books, wooden 3D puzzles, and foam animal kits. Then I let my sons, ages 1 and 3, go to town playing. We also finger paint, blow bubbles, make collages, and use medicine droppers to combine different colors of water to make new colors." - Robin Klein, 26, Delta Junction, AKphoto credit: Frank Schnabel/Corbisphoto credit: Frank Schnabel/Corbis

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Indoor Scuba Session
A surefire way to put a smile on the kids' faces is to get them in their swimsuits and let them play in the tub with lots of bath toys!" - Sara Smith, 32, Lancaster, KY

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Digging for Sunshine
"I lay down a blanket on the floor and fill a large, shallow bin with sand, and we have an indoor sandbox! The blanket catches most of the sand clumps that escape from the bin, and it's easy to vacuum up the rest from the floor." - Elizabeth Kutz, 39, Oak Creek, WI

Fake playing in the dirt by making delcious dirt cakes.

photo credit: Ryan Smith/Somos Images/Corbisphoto credit: Ryan Smith/Somos Images/Corbis
Pitch a Tent

"We use the kitchen chairs and extra blankets to make a fort, then the kids pretend they're camping or on a boat. This keeps them busy all day long." - Candy Burns, 47, Davenport, IA

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Build a Box Car
"I ask the grocery store to give me a box from the loading dock, then the kids and I 'build' a race car or a truck. We get out the colored paper and the markers and really deck it out, and we dream up where we could go - on a safari or over the mountains!" - Cherisa Bell, 27, Tonasket, WA


Do you have go-to rainy-day activities to entertain your kids? Inquiring moms want to know!

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