The Fight Stops Here! Keep Your Kid's Skin Protected With the Aveeno Sunscreen Stick

I'm not always so diligent with applying my daughter's daily dose of sunscreen, but in the summer I am a drill sargeant. We don't leave the house without rubbing down in sunscreen, no matter how much we have to fight. She hates how sticky most sunblock goes on and I can never get the residue off my hands afterwards. That's why I'm obsessed with Aveeno's new sunblock stick.

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Actually, it's called Mineral Block because instead of gross chemicals, it's made from 100% naturally-sourced active ingredients. It offers protection from UVA and UVB rays, it's perfect for sensitive skin and it's waterproof. Even better, you can roll the sunscreen right onto your child's face--and I use it on my daughter's arms and legs, too--without any sticky film. It goes on smooth and quickly absorbs into the skin.

One last selling point? It's perfectly portable! Toss the Mineral Block Face Stick into your purse or diaper bag and you can always reapply on the go.

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