The Real Reason All My Mommy Friends Have Sons? They Can't Give Me Their Hand-Me-Downs

I know I am probably going to come across as spoiled, selfish, ungrateful, etc. But that's just a risk I'm willing to take because I think this has to be said: I don't want your hand-me-downs!

And there's a good chance the mom you're giving them to now doesn't really want them either. I know you spent a lot of time (and money!) picking out those adorable onesies and dresses and what-not for your baby--I get that. But that isn't reason enough to try to push your kid's worn clothes onto me. I know, firsthand, that kids pass gas, pee, poop and puke on their clothing and the idea of my daughter wearing something your daughter farted in just plain grosses me out.

Deep down, you probably hate hand-me-downs, too (unless you're BFF with Katie Holmes or Jessica Alba, that is). In theory, it should be admirable to try to save another mom some cash by offering clothes your child no longer wears. But for a lot of moms--even moms on a budget--shopping for your kids is actually kind of fun. And for me, it's personal. I love buying things I think will look adorable on my daughter or that she points out in a store. In a bizarre, superficial way, it makes me feel like a good mom.

So instead of trying to hawk your old baby clothes on me, why not take them to your local Salvation Army instead? Or better yet, why not do this?

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