5 "Non-Goals" I'm Making This New Year's

5 5 Every December - as a new chapter closes and another waits patiently to be read aloud - I sit at my dining room table to make lists. Two lists, to be exact. One list contains the ubiquitous goals, resolutions and commitments I choose to shift my focus to in the new year. And the other list? It's decidedly opposite, and I call it my list of non-goals. As a firm believer that humans are ever-evolving, changing, growing and learning, I like to make a practice of celebrating the ideals that shape me - at this very moment. The things I love about myself/my life, that I hope never change but inevitably will.

And as a new mother, this practice is all the more important, as I have so many non-goals to celebrate in the midst of this new journey. Enjoy 5 of my favorites below, and I encourage you to list your non-goals somewhere as well. I've found it to be incredibly therapeutic when we embrace stability - the things we love about ourselves - while welcoming change - the new habits we'd love to form. Onward, and Happy New Year to all!:

1. Mornings with Bee
In the morning, Bee is my #1 priority. No email-checking, blog-posting, work-thinking. Just me, Bee and the start of a slow, quiet day.

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2. Family priorities
I've never been busier, but I still make an effort to attend sporting events and school programs for my nieces and nephews. Family is tip-top (even extended family) on my list, and I want to maintain that ranking forever and ever.

3. Health and self care
I exercise for roughly 15 minutes a day and always commit to eating a healthy breakfast and lunch (dinner's a free-for-all!). Sure, I could do more, but I'm happy with the progress.

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4. Personal development
Bee is teaching me so many valuable lessons - lessons about patience, faith and inner strength. I hope I'll always get to be her pupil.

5. Financial planning
My husband and I are financially focusing on saving for Bee's future. I hope we can keep up the pace, year after year.

Your turn! Tell me, what are your non-goals? Please share in the comment box below!

- By Erin Loechner
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