Things we don't get: Skinny jeans for young boys

Why?Why?I had to pick up a pair of jeans for my 6-year-old son, who grew about three inches overnight (or so it seems), so I went to Target, the land of inexpensive kid clothes.

I was on the hunt for darker-colored jeans, since young boys are super rough on their clothes. When I finally found a pair, something seemed a little off.

Could it be the fact that they looked like tights? Even better. They were skinny jeans for little boys. As in, size four and up. (They're apparently designed by snowboarder Shaun White, which I guess is supposed to make them cool?)

I honestly had to read the sign twice to make sure it said "Boys' Skinny-Fit Jeans." Yep. It did. And you could buy a pair for twenty bucks, which is like grand theft at Target because you can find normal boys' jeans for US$10.

I still find it appalling when I see teenage boys (and grown men) in skinny jeans and the waistline is basically pulled down to their thighs. And I start to feel old and so damn parental when I turn to my husband and ask, "Why is that supposed to look good?"

But I have never, ever witnessed a 6-year-old boy wearing skinny jeans.

Have you? And would you buy your young son skinny-fit jeans?