Third-grader impresses skateboarding legends: "He's mind-blowingly awesome"

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

When Evan Doherty, an 8-year old from Missouri nailed a very-tough 720 trick, it wasn't just his parents who were beaming. Professional skaters tweeted about the half-pint whose rotations on the vert ramp are a rarity.

Although he clearly has some crazy skills, it's nice to see his politeness shine, too. When asked about the $35,000 ramp his parents built behind their family home just for him, he responds, "I have very cool parents. I am a very lucky kid."

With that attitude, all the practice time he's putting in, and some cheers from the bigger guys on boards, it seems like this amazing kid has far to skate.

Would you invest that kind of cash in your kid's hobby?