This Mom Spies on Her Kids Online. Would You? Do You?

How far would you go to keep your kids safe online? This mom installed spyware and hacked her kids Facebook accounts!

Seems like kids spend more time online than they do eating and sleeping combined. A recent study found that more than 50% of all teens log on to social networking sites every day and 22% check in a whopping 10 times a day!

Which makes a parent wonder, what on earth are they doing on there all that time?

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Truth be told, most of us have no idea. We'd like to think our kid is just chatting with her BFFs, but the reality can be a lot uglier than that. With cyberbullying, sexting and sexual predators rampant on the net, kids often fall prey to the darker side of the web.

According to the New York Times, when Christine, a Bay Area mom, found her 6th grade daughter receiving pornographic pictures, promising sexual favors and playing a sexually explicit version of truth or dare online, she resorted to a tactic she never thought she'd use. She started snooping. Big time. She got her daughter's Facebook password, installed a keystroke program so she could see everything her daughter and her sister typed on the computer, blocked unsavory websites and got a program that limited computer time. Her youngest accused her of being a stalker. And while studies show that most kids think their parents are invading their privacy if they spy on them online, more and more parents are doing it.

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Which begs the question: Would YOU spy on your kid online? Or do you already? Tell us in the comments below!

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