Three-year-old Suri Cruise wears heels

Matrix PhotosMatrix PhotosMany young girls enjoy playing dress up. Some even enjoy getting dolled up to go out. Much to my mother's chagrin, I was one of those little ladies who loved ruffles and lace and pink, and on special occasions and holidays was allowed to wear my favorite fancy ensembles. These involved a puffy princess dress, lace gloves and a pink patent leather handbag with matching flats. Read: FLATS.

Both Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have insisted that their three-year-old daughter Suri refuses to wear pants or even coats when the temperatures drop, She only likes skirts and dresses. Kids can be fussy and have strange habits, so we'll buy that. But when your toddler wants to own and wear heels--as she did this week on Newbury Street in Boston--is where parents must draw the line.

I never had the plastic fantasy dress-up heels, but I remember trying on my mom's way-too-big pumps and lipstick and presenting myself to her post-makeover. She'd laugh and say, "OK, now go take it off."

For some odd reason, Tom and Katie let Suri run the show. If she doesn't want to wear a coat she doesn't have to. If she wants to walk around all day in miniature heels, she's allowed to. And not only that, but judging by all the paparazzi photos that emerged from her high-heeled stroll this week, dressing this way is encouraged. Children of stars grow up quickly, and perhaps little Suri just wants to be dressed up pretty like her mom. But a three year old also likes to run, jump, and play. How can you do such things in heels? If grown women get tired pounding pavement with her foot unnaturally arched, how can a wee tot feel comfortable? This isn't about wearing a dress up costume outdoors, it's also a comfort and function issue. Walking around a city in heels when you're three seems so wrong. Also something to think about: If she's wearing heels already, what will she be wearing when she's 10?

Do you think a little girl should be able to dictate what she wears out, or should her parents have control?