"Time Out" - Does it Really Work?

Crystal Porter is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

child discipline

I'm a mom of a 5 year old boy. I'm constantly telling him "If you don't stop, you'll have to sit in time out". I never follow through with it though. Recently he has started acting out more and getting sad faces in school.

I know, I know--I should follow through when I tell him things. I just don't want to be the "mean mommy". We take video games away from him, but that just doesn't seem to work. I need a way of punishing him.

I've read parently blogs where moms say that time out works for their kids, but I want to know from you. Does it REALLY work? How long do you put them in time out? How do you get the children to understand that time out is a punishment?

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