Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video: Nine Months in Two Minutes

Using stop-motion photography, Latvian photographer Armands Alps chronicled his wife's entire pregnancy journey, from blue diagnostic stick through beautiful baby. She stands in profile wearing low-riding baggy pants and a rolled-up white T-shirt that exposes her abdomen as her flat tummy grows rounder and rounder and her belly button even pops out like a miniature timer. Posted on YouTube on July 16, the video already has nearly 800,000 views.

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Alps "snowboards" past his wife through the living room; a Christmas tree hung with baubles comes and goes; and his clothing changes from parka to shorts to mark the passing of the months. As her belly continues to expand, the couple build a crib together, and he wheels in a stroller and a pile of baby clothes.

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Finally, she rubs her tummy and it's time to go! The couple head out (in formal wear to mark the special occasion), and when they return, they bring a third member of their family: a tiny newborn baby in a bright yellow onesie.

An entire pregnancy in just two minutes? When your feet are swollen, your breath is short, and you feel like you're hauling around a watermelon, sometimes you wish it would take only as long as this cute video.

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